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A & J Crystal Creations

Smoky Quartz Pendulum

Smoky Quartz Pendulum

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Pendulums are a wonderful tool for Reiki & Energy Healing along with guidance and divination. Pendulums can be used to tap into the your subconscious, as they help you to listen to your inner guidance. When using your pendulum it is important to be calm, focused and centered.  

Smoky Quartz provides protective & shielding energy. It recognises different kinds of electromagnetic energy and neutralizes its effects. It will shield a person or a space from negative patterns. In crystal healing smoky quartz is used to create a strong, supportive energy field for the person receiving treatment. Placing smoky quartz between the knees or below the feet helps a person feel grounded and safe.

Pendulum chain approx 15cm.

All crystals are intuitively selected and are unique in shape, size and colour.

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