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A & J Crystal Creations

Smoky Quartz Gift Box

Smoky Quartz Gift Box

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These giftboxes are perfect for birthdays, Christmas or just because! 

Each gift box contains:

  • 1 x crystal candle
  • 1 x chip bracelet
  • 1 x crystal keyring
  • 1 x pack of 6 wax melts
  • 1 x white sage stick

 Smoky Quartz provides protective & shielding energy. It recognises different kinds of electromagnetic energy and neutralizes its effects. It will shield a person or a space from negative patterns. In crystal healing smoky quartz is used to create a strong, supportive energy field for the person receiving treatment. Placing smoky quartz between the knees or below the feet helps a person feel grounded and safe.

400g approx. 63 hour time

285g approx. 43 hour burn time

Each candle is unique in flower pattern and size and colour of crystals - no two candles are exactly the same.

All crystals are intuitively selected and are unique in shape, size and colour.

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