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A & J Crystal Creations

Sagittarius Candle

Sagittarius Candle

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Embrace your zodiac sign & rituals with this calming Sagittarius candle! 

Sagittarius dates from 22nd November - 21st December. This candle showcases 3 crystals perfect for every Sagittarius

• Smoky Quartz - Reduce negativity and grounding

• Malachite - Inner strength and protection

• Black Obsidian - Release spiritual blockage and relieve stress

Sage scented to create a beautiful, calming environment to assist with grounding

600g approximately 110 hour burn time

This candle contains eco-soy wax and is hand poured in Queensland, Australia. Each candle is unique in flower pattern and size and colour of crystals - no two candles are exactly the same.

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