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Cleansing Kit

Cleansing Kit

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This small cleansing kit perfect for cleansing yourself, home or workplace and is also great for trips away.

Each kit contains:

1 x white sage smudge stick
1 x palo santo
1 x selenite rod 

with Or without abalone shell 

Palo Santo - Spiritual purifying and energy cleansing. Inspires creativity and brings love and good fortune. Bringing a deeper connection to the divine source. Helps with physical healing & energetic protection and removal of negativity. The enticing and clarifying Palo Santo scent. Great for mobility of use while in travel modes. Can be used for vibrational cleansing and renewal for crystal, calming the mind and mental ailments and warding off unwelcome insects in the summer months.
Selenite Stick - Brings high consciousness into the body in a gentle and supportive way. Draws negativity up and out of the system with a sparkling and refreshing sensation. Works with other crystals to enhance their channeling power & helps to unblock the chakras.
White Sage Smudge Stick – Can be used for purifying the air, improving mood and cognition, reducing stress and anxiety, warding off negativity, promoting mindfulness and intuition, support better sleep. Works well for cleansing of spaces, objects or your own energy. Can also assist with repelling insects.

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